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5 Inexpensive Fixes You Should Make Before Selling Your House in New Jersey

5 Inexpensive Fixes You Should Make Before Selling Your House in New Jersey

You know that before listing and trying to sell your house, you’ll have to make some fixes and possibly some upgrades. But where do you start and what, exactly should you do? If you’re like most of us, you don’t have the cash on hand for major renovations or an all-out remodel (which may not net a good return on the investment anyway). In most cases, it’s better to stick to the inexpensive fixes. Read on, then, to find out about 5 important, inexpensive fixes you should make before selling your house in New Jersey.

1. Painting 

Freshening walls with paint is one of the top inexpensive fixes you should make before selling your house in New Jersey. And if you have the time, you can do it yourself for only the cost of the paint – and for a great ROI.

“Painting your home before putting it on the market,” industry pros say, “can undeniably help your sale. . . . [I]t’s actually the most important improvement you can make. . . . [P]ainting provides one of the best returns on your investment, since it’s relatively low-cost, especially if you can do it yourself. New paint can rid your home of old odors, cover all those dings and fingerprints, and provide a fresh canvas that piques the buyer’s imagination.”

But don’t limit your painting to just the walls. “Painting the home’s cabinets could also have a positive impact on a sale.” Just be aware that buyer color preferences can vary from region to region and market to market. You can consult a New Jersey agent at (908) 320-7995 to get some guidance on the best colors to use in your market.

2. Replacing Hardware and Light Fixtures

Replacing hardware and light fixtures is another inexpensive and easy fix you should do before selling your house. Doing so will serve to enhance and accent that new paint, and it doesn’t have to cost a lot either.

“Often, lighting and hardware can make the difference between a good and a great home for potential buyers, meaning it’s worth your while to swap outdated pieces for more contemporary counterparts. . . . [T]hese seemingly minor repairs could get you double or even triple what you invested. After all, first impressions are major when it comes to making a sale, . . . so it’s important to invest in areas that might influence that impression.”

Again, as with paint colors, buyers’ preferences for hardware and light fixtures can vary depending on the market. So, again, be sure to consult a New Jersey first at (908) 320-7995 to make sure you get it right.

3. Installing New Faucets

Installing new faucets should also be on the list of inexpensive fixes to make for selling your house in New Jersey. Outdated, dingy, and/or dripping faucets can be more than a little offputting for potential buyers. 

Faucets get a lot of use, so it doesn’t take long for them to look used and less than appealing. So don’t neglect to make this fairly inexpensive and easy fix before selling. “If your faucets have seen better days, swapping them out for a more modern version will impress buyers.”

4. Updating the Kitchen

Updating the kitchen is also something you should consider because, for buyers, the kitchen is typically the most important room in the home. You don’t have to go in for an all-out remodel, but you can make the kitchen, the heart of the home, far more appealing with some relatively inexpensive fixes and upgrades.

You could, for example, replace old hardware, swap out old light fixtures and switch plates for new ones, and brighten the walls with a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint. You might also swap trade out heavy window treatments for blinds to brighten the kitchen, as well as brightening up old cabinets with a fresh coat of paint. 

5. Landscaping

And then there’s landscaping, the thing that creates (or ruins) that critical first impression when buyers first pull up to view your home. This then is one of the fixes – and inexpensive at that when you consider the ROI – you should take care of before selling your house.

You can certainly spring for professional landscaping if you want, but you don’t necessarily have to because you can do much of it yourself. “Easy fixes like pulling out weeds in flower beds or putting down wood chips in muddy spots could make all the difference for a potential buyer who’s imagining pulling up to the house every day.”

Lean on Your New Jersey Agent’s Expertise

As we’ve mentioned, the best inexpensive fixes you should make are region- and market-dependent. What may be worthwhile in place may not work so well in New Jersey. But you don’t have to figure this out on your own. An experienced, local New Jersey agent can provide the guidance you need. And we have the agents who can do just that. So when selling your house is on the horizon, be sure to contact us at (908) 320-7995.

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