Community_Final-450x335Learn why we pride ourselves in being Community Investors and not just Real Estate Investors. We’ve been involved in inner cities working to effect positive change for over 15 years. We’ve understood for some time that the residents of a community are just as important as its real estate.

That’s why we participate in several programs throughout our investment area that are designed to rebuild communities by rebuilding people’s lives. Currently, we are proud to volunteer weekly with the S.T.E.P. (Striving Together Equals Progress) youth mentoring program based in Newark, NJ. We’ve been working with S.T.E.P. every week for the past 8 years.  By working with this fantastic youth organization, we are given the opportunity to provide guidance to inner city youth while teaching them sound principles on personal finance, leadership and socially responsible decision making .

Youth mentoring and free personal finance workshops for kids and inner city residents are just a couple of the tools we use to help make a difference.

We regularly make ourselves available to speak at schools and community events, at no cost, on a variety of issues pertinent to both the company and the community. If you would like us to speak at your public school or community event on the importance of wealth creation, youth mentoring and community empowerment, please contact us and a representative of our company will be in contact with you shortly.

Our goal is simple: To make every real estate investment a COMMUNITY investment.