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3 Out of the Box Tactics to Help You Sell Your House Faster in New Jersey

3 Out of the Box Tactics to Help You Sell Your House Faster in New Jersey

There are many reasons people need to sell a house fast. There is, of course, the simple fact that the longer a house sits on the market, the less likely the seller is to get a good offer. And then other sellers are maybe strapped for cash, going through a divorce, or have to relocate for a job. In any of these cases, a faster sale is always better. The problem, though, is that many home sellers try and stick to only the standard market tactics. But if you want to sell fast, you’ll likely need to try something different. Here, then, are 3 out of the box tactics to help you sell your house faster in New Jersey.

1. Get Professional Photos Taken

While not strictly an out-of-the-box tactic to sell your house faster in New Jersey, it is to the extent that so many sellers do it. And that is to get professional listing photos taken. Yes, it will cost you, but it will be worth it.

“Photos are the very first thing a buyer will see of your home, and they can dictate whether they end up scheduling a showing or not. Good real estate photos should highlight the best features of your home, with every measure taken to make the space look as warm and inviting as possible. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and it’s not something you should trust to just anybody.”

A good professional real estate photographer will actually schedule a photo shoot around the weather in order to have the best conditions and the best light possible. A pro will also help you prepare the interior for photos, for example, advising you on where to clear clutter and where and how to do targeted staging.

“Your photos,” industry experts say, “are one of the most important parts of your listing, so make sure they’re done right. If they’re not, you’re going to get fewer potential buyers through the door.” And when you get fewer buyers through the door, the less likely you are to sell your house faster.

2. Sweeten the Deal With Extravagant Extras

A truly out-of-the-box tactic to help you sell your house faster in New Jersey involves offering extravagant extras. It may not be for everyone, but it can certainly work.

Sweetening the deal with extras is nothing new, but it no longer works in the old way. “In the past, a free big-screen TV was enough of an incentive to get your home noticed. Times have changed, and incentives are becoming more and more substantial. Sellers are throwing in all kinds of goodies, like free cars, vacations, pricey home upgrades, and monetary incentives like a year’s mortgage or a furniture stipend. One woman in Florida is even offering herself as an incentive — she hopes to marry the man who buys her home.”

Obviously, there is some risk involved with this tactic, and it has the potential to backfire financially. So be sure to consult a New Jersey agent first at (908) 320-7995.

3. Sell the Lifestyle, Not the House 

The old marketing adage says that you should sell the benefits and not the features. And that’s still good advice, especially when it comes to real estate. To sell your house faster, then, try to sell the lifestyle and not the house itself.

Even your house comes with a lifestyle, so focus on what’s special about living in your house in day-to-day life. Emphasize the cozy living room with the fireplace, which is, of course, the perfect place for the family to gather and play board games. Or point out the hammock on the deck, which provides a great place to escape from a busy life and read a book.

Do keep in mind, though, that you don’t want to get too personal. Yes, you need to direct your marketing to your target market, but you also want to appeal to the most buyers possible. A New Jersey agent can provide some valuable guidance on the best way to sell the lifestyle. Just call (908) 320-7995 to discover more.

Use the Right Agent to Sell Your House Faster

Ultimately, selling your house faster comes down to working with the right. An experienced, local New Jersey will know which tactics work best and exactly how to appeal to your target market. A good agent will also be as invested in selling your home as you are, and not just interested in earning a commission. 

Here’s what industry pros advise when it comes to choosing an agent to help you sell your house faster. “[A]sk for referrals from people you trust and who have been through the process itself. And consider your particular needs. If your home could use some help with staging, find an agent who has experience in design. If you’re selling a fixer-upper, find an agent who has a proven track record of selling those types of homes. You have a lot of options when it comes to agents, so choose one who is a fit for your specific situation.”

Or you could take the easier route and work with a premier agency known for skilled, experienced agents. If your goal is to sell your house faster in New Jersey, contact us today at (908) 320-7995!

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