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Getting and Paying for an Attorney: If you have an attorney, then GREAT news. BUT if you don’t no worries we got you covered. During the many years of buying and selling houses in New Jersey we have encountered many attorneys. Honestly some of them aren’t the Best, but when we encounter a good attorney we make it a point to connect with them and refer them to clients. It’s important to the process that we deal with attorneys that move quickly, professionally and have their clients best interest at heart. Furthermore we negotiate a rate for their services that we then pass on to you. This is why when you deal with We Buy NJ Real Estate, we pay for your closing cost. 

Municipality Inspections: Normally in the State of New Jersey when title is changing ownership a township inspection is required. It’s typically 2 inspections which are a  CO inspection and a Smoke/carbon inspection. First, a CO inspection is a Certificate of Occupancy, this is when the township sends out an inspector and they check what violations the house has according to the township’s standards. For example, the township may require for all exterior doors to have weather strips or for all windows to be working properly. However, in most cases the properties we buy require repairs and we buy the property As-Is so the seller does not have to fix a thing. In this case we sign an affidavit (A sworn Statement) with the township saying we the buyer of the property will address the repairs, in which case the township will issue a temporary CO so we can make the repairs after the sale of the property. Second, is the Smoke/Carbon inspection, this is when the township fire Marshall sends out a fire inspector to check if the house has the proper amount of smoke and carbon detectors and placed as per the township’s requirement. Furthermore, they also check if the house has a working fire extinguisher and they often have a certain type they require based on the township’s requirement as well. When we buy the house we take care of this. One of our representatives will go buy all the necessary equipment and install it for the seller, at no cost to the seller. In addition, these inspections cost money, the township has their standard fees they charge for each inspection. This also we pay for at no cost to the seller. 

 Final Water and Utility Readings: When someone sells a house in New Jersey, A final water reading and electric/gas service is necessary but not mandatory. However, if these final readings are not conducted the title company (closing agent) often will hold money in escrow from your proceeds until the final reading is conducted. Since our goal is for you to get as much money as possible and make it convenient, we ensure these readings are scheduled. In some cases we will need the account number you have with your servicer and a phone number for us to schedule these final readings.

 UST Inspection: A UST (Underground Storage Tank) inspection is almost always done in New Jersey when selling or buying a property. Basically an inspector comes out and with a scanner and they scan the grounds in search of a UTS, which is where oil is stored. This is the oil that sometimes heats the house. Most houses nowadays don’t use oil to fuel the house but there are still houses that use oil as a heating source. Furthermore, most houses in New Jersey had an oil tank when the house was built. Alot these UST were decommissioned, which means that they were emptied of the oil and then filled with sand. Nonetheless, this is something you don’t need to worry about because we schedule it and we pay for it. 

Septic and Water Well Inspection: These inspections are not as common, mostly houses in New Jersey  rural areas require these inspections. In this case, we find a local company that provides these inspections and schedules so you don’t have to worry about it. Furthermore, oftentimes we pay for the inspections so you don’t have to pay a dime. 

There are other things we do to ensure the sale of your house is as simple, easy, and professional as possible but the main one that most sellers LOVE is not having to clean out the house. Sellers LOVE the fact they only take what they desire and leave the rest behind. That is HUGE for a lot of people. One of the biggest reasons property owners hold on to a house they don’t want is because they just don’t have the time or the want to clean the place out. If you are one of these property owners, trust me we get it and we got you covered. We love when sellers leave things behind, it makes our before and after pictures look that much better 😉

We value HONESTY and TRANSARENCY and show you below how we determine our Cash Offer for your home.

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After we get all the details we perform a market analysis based on the stats of your property and the area your house is located. So, for example you live in Newark New Jersey and you have a single family home with 3 bedrooms and one bath with a garage. We then look at all the 3bedroom 1 bath houses in a half a mile radius of our property location. We pick 3 to 5 properties that best match your house that were sold within a 3 to 6 month time span. These are called sold comparable. Based on the sold comparable in the area we come up with what the property is with and what the property can sell for after we make all the repairs necessary to be able to present a pristine house to the future end buyer. The price we can sell the house for is called the ARV which stands for your After Repair value. Once an after repair value is established, we come up with a repair estimate. There are a few ways we come up with a repair estimate. First way is, we visit the home and we asset the properties conditions, based on our visit assessment and the repairs needed, from that information we make a repair estimate. The second way we do it is we use the information you provide us and the square footage of the house to calculate an estimated repair cost. In the many years of doing business (over 18 years) we know what a New HVAC system will cost or even a new kitchen. So calculating a repair is very simple for us, not to mention we have a construction company Elite Contractors, LLC. 

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Ok, Next we calculate our holding cost. What is the holding cost? Good question. Well, in New Jersey homeowners pay property taxes, property Insurance, water, utilities like gas and electric, and title insurance. So, when we buy the property we need to pay these holding costs and so it is included in the offer formula. Next we determine the time frame of the renovations, so for smaller projects we calculate 3-5 months and for larger projects we calculate 6-9 months. 

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Then we have the Closing cost… With the closing cost we factor in the realtor fees we will pay when the property is completed. So on average we pay 5% to 6% realtor commission, in New Jersey that is the standard Realtor commission paid. So if our ARV is $300,000 and we pay factor in a 5% commission that means we will minus $15k from the ARV. 

So let’s bring this all together using real numbers, Let’s say our ARV is $300,000. This formula goes like this:

  • Very simple, this means we NEVER EVER EVER make a low ball offer. We don’t make our offers based on the sellers level of motivation. In fact, most sellers happen with our offer and how we break it down from them they tell their family and friends about our we buy houses cash services. 

  • Oh yes something else you should take into consideration. Most times our offer is even higher than the amount of money a homeowner would get if they were to list the property with a real estate agent or NJ Realtor. How is that possible? Good question, let us break it down. 

  • Often times the seller is selling a house as-is that requires repair, there for the value of the property is not the same value the property would be if it was completely remodeled. 

  • For example: The house needs a new HVAC system, needs a kitchen renovation, and bathroom renovation, so the properties in the neighborhood that require repair are selling in as-is condition for $190K. 

  • So most sellers would think, lets list it we can make $10k more than if we sell to a cash house buying company. I get it at first sight it looks like it, and most of the time there is a Realtor in the picture promising to get you more money. BUT, most homeowners fail to look at the full picture. If you list it with a real estate agent you would need to clean the place out, that is the first hurdle, lets call that $5k. Then you need to pay the realtor commission, let’s call that $10k. Then, you will need to pay the holding cost for holding that house for another 2-3 months, let’s call that $5k. Check out this awesome article Zillow has on average time on selling a house. We can close in as little as 7-10 business days, no long waiting period to get you money. Furthermore sometimes you need to show the house about 5-10 times before you get an offer. Check out this great chat homeowners were having on, the amount of showings are from 2-30 showings, crazy. 

  • Lastly you run the risk of the buyer requesting repairs or asking for a reduction after they do their home inspection. WE DON’T DO THAT EVER, what we offer is what you get. So if we look at the full picture it will take months to sell your NJ house, it will take a lot of effect on your end, and lastly you will walk away with $170k which is $10k less then our offer. Not sure about you but I could do a lot with an extra $10k in my pocket.

Cash OFFER (US) vs. Traditional Route (Listing with Realtor) 

  • $180K
  • Time Frame 10 days
  • Everything done for you
  • Show the property once
  • $170K
  • Time frame: 2-3 months
  • You cleaning out house
  • Showing the house Multiple times
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