Our Team at We Buy NJ Real Estate LLC


Chief Executive Officer

Samuel A. Colon  brings his 8 + years of operational management experience that guides the company’s direction, vision, and growth. His commitment to family and community keeps him grounded and ensures that he mirrors the company’s guiding principle of turning every real estate investment into a the opportunity to serve others. Sam is also licensed by the State of New Jersey as a Real Estate Sales Agent with Rock Realtors.  You can email Sam at Sam@WeBuyNJRealEstate.com


Processing Manager

Arvind Shaw brings his brilliant mind and second to none work ethic to the team. He is very hard working and also does what’s best for everyone around him. He can be emailed at Arvind@webuynjrealestate.com


Lead Manager

Lou Stojanovski brings his amazing energy and positive attitude to the team. He is very solution oriented and always has the homeowners interest in mind. He can be emailed at Lou@webuynjrealestate.com


Renovation Project Manager

Kyle Pesce brings an extensive history of Construction and Electrical expertise to the team. He is very diverse in the process of renovating houses. He loves what he does and the way he handles the day to day operations shows exactly that. He can be emailed at Kyle.webuynjrealestate@gmail.com


Sales Manager

Pedro Tirado brings his amazing organizational skills to the Team . He is also always innovating in order to make things run smoothly in our operations, allowing us to deliver the exceptional service we deliver. Pedro.webuynjrealestate@gmail.com


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