3 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your House in New Jersey and Purchase a Smaller Home

Homeowners across the country are recognizing the benefits of downsizing their homes while embracing the streamlining of day-to-day life by finding a less opulent home. To get you thinking about the ways you could make a change for the better, let’s look into 3 reasons why you should sell your house in New Jersey and purchase a smaller home

Cut the Big Monthly Costs

The most obvious and immediate bonus to buying a smaller house is that you’re almost guaranteed to save money. 

Your monthly mortgage payments should be lower, along with your property taxes and homeowners insurance premiums. The savings you will see is entirely dependent on factors such as your local market conditions and your new home’s location. Other points that will influence your mortgage’s interest rate can include your credit scores, income, and monthly expenses on outstanding debts. 

When shopping around for your new home pay close attention to not just the market value of the homes in which you are interested but their proximity to shopping and schools as well as their annual tax bills. Taking the estimated property taxes of any home you are looking to buy could make a big difference in affordability, and you don’t want to have any nasty surprises six months or a year after moving in. 

Since you are looking for smaller properties, chances are you can afford a home in a more widespread search area. Use this to your advantage to stretch your legs when looking for your dream home and don’t just settle for what feels ok.

Energy Efficiency

As time goes on and existing housing ages, energy efficiency continuously becomes a bigger part of the homeowner’s financial equation. Your pocketbook will thank you for taking ownership of a smaller home. 

Clearly, you’ll save a bundle on heating and cooling a smaller space and this also comes with the added blessing of lowering your carbon footprint overall. Even if potential local and global effects of carbon emissions aren’t at the forefront of your mind, it can’t hurt to assist in bettering the situation for everyone. 

Carefully picking out and installing energy-efficient windows with the help of experienced professionals is a fantastic method for lowering your annual energy costs while updating the look and feel of the living space.

Organization and Maintenance

You’ll find that many homeowners have it stuck in their heads that they could never have enough storage space. These circumstances are, more often than not, cases where optimizing the usable storage space is the solution rather than simply not having access to enough storage space. Any time you sell your house and move to a new home, it is the perfect opportunity to take inventory of your possessions, prioritize what is truly essential, and shed some things that are no longer needed.

Besides organizing and decluttering your possessions, your available finances for maintaining the home will be greatly expanded. 

Having the ability to put more money toward improving areas of your home that you feel need a bit of TLC is an amazing feeling and helps to take a new property and turn it into your own fortress of solitude in no time. Some examples of bigger projects that can make a huge difference to your expenses over the coming years include adding insulation to an attic, installing a tankless water heater, and replacing aged plumbing. 

What this all comes down to is that your freed-up monetary resources can be put to good use making a smaller home absolutely spectacular.

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