How do “Cash House Buyers” come up with their Cash Offer?

Video Transcription

This is Sam Colon, I’m making this video because time and time again, people call our office or they fill out a form and then when we call them back, they ask the same question. So how does this work? How do you guys come up with your offers? Are you guys just low balling? Are you just trying to take peoples houses? We get commentaries like that and we don’t take offense to it because when something is done to several people over and over, it becomes a thing where now people believe that to be true.

Now what I am doing with this video, I want to clarify that real estate investors, particularly cash home buyers, use a formula and that formula is used for every property. We don’t just pull offers out of the air. We use comparables in the area the properties have sold that are very similar to your property.

We actually have a video that breaks it down to the T regarding how we come up with the formula. This will clarify a lot of things for people looking to sell their property to a cash buyer. This way even if you don’t use We Buy Real Estate, you decide to use another company, or you’re not in this area. Maybe you’re watching this video, you’re not in New Jersey. You’re in New York or you’re in another state. Typically this is a formula used when making these offers and it’ll help you to make a better-educated decision as to is this company actually reputable. If you ask them, how do you come up with your offers and they can’t break down this formula to you, don’t do business with them. Find another company that can and use this in your back pocket. When you ask these companies, use this information, keep it in your back pocket. Don’t let ’em know that you know how they come up with their offers and see what they provide you. See what type of information they provide you and if they provide you this information, then I don’t want to say they’re a legit company, ’cause of course, you have to do your homework on them, but I want to say they’re off to a good step. They off on a good step.

I hope it’s helpful and if you are looking to sell your property, please feel free to give us a call. We’ll set up an appointment. After we set up that appointment, we’ll go confirm the repairs on the property and if it makes sense to both of us, we’ll move forward from there, you will not be disappointed.

You can go to our website. It’s and you’ll see those testimonials. Those are real people speaking from the heart for what we did to them. Take a look and I hope this video’s helpful.

Have a great day. God Bless. Talk to you soon. Bye.

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