Top 5 Tips for getting Fair Cash Offer for your home in New Jersey

Selling a property always seem to be very stressful and time consuming. You have to make
sure you are dealing with a credible company like We Buy NJ Real Estate if looking for a cash
offer, or a rock star real estate agent in your area like we have here at We Sell NJ Real Estate. If
your completely set on getting a cash offer and want to sell the property in its as is condition,
here are 5 Tips to assure you are receiving a fair cash offer.

Fair Cash Offer
1. Comparison of properties
The first and foremost way to get a fair cash offer is to compare the property with the already
sold properties. Compare the area, home conditions, interior and finally the property
features. You should be sure that you are getting a fair cash offer for your home. The
real estate agent can assist you in providing the latest information for the properties
recently sold in your area. He will choose the right buyers for a fair cash offer.

2. Market Conditions
One of the most important factors to look at while selling or buying a property is the market
condition . Have a glance at the real estate market and you will come to know how the
properties are generally sold. You should also know the mortgage interest rates and job
market. Normally, sellers set high prices strictly based on the profit motive, but you
need to keep in mind the property condition, size,location and comparable sales to
similiar homes.

3. Assurance of a genuine buyer
It often happens that sellers advertise their own properties to sell but not all buyers are reliable
and genuine. Some of the suspicious buyers just waste your precious time by asking
numerous questions about the property but are not serious or credible buyers. While
giving the advertisement of your home on social media sites, emails or posters, make
sure that the buyers who approach you are genuine and they provide all the correct and
necessary details. Do not just sign any documents until you have done your research
and assured that you are dealing with a credible company.You can also choose a real
estate company for finding a genuine buyer for your home.

4. Appreciation of the area
Another important factor which plays a significant role in getting fair cash deal for home is the
area in which your property is located. If the area has malls, shops, schools and grocery
stores, this can increase the value of your home. The demand of the property depends
on the amenities which are available in the area such as good roads, rails, malls,
hospitals, schools, shops and much more. On the other hand, if your house is located in
such an area which has no public amenities, the value of the house tends to reduce.

5. Home inspection
To assure you are receiving or are going to recieve a fair cash offer, you should get your home
inspected. The home inspection will advise you whether there is any repairs or renovations
needed in the home. A properly constructed home will surely fetch a fair cash offer on the
market. The interior of the home should be attractive.


The sellers and buyers both should consider important factors before they enter into a deal.
There should be transparency on both sides in terms of the contract, documents,
agreements and finally the price. These tips will surely help a seller get a fair cash offer
for their home in New Jersey.

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